Vitamin B12 Energy

by admin

vitamin b12 energyA lot of people – both layman and professionals – claim that there are vitamin B12 energy benefits… but is this true or not?

Like almost everything in life, there are some misconceptions floating around about what B12 can and cannot do. The truth of the matter is there’s a reason it’s called the energy vitamin; it’s an essential element required for your cells to metabolize energy correctly. This is why vitamin B12 is widely used by athletes and in energy supplements.


So the claims about it helping energy levels are based in reality. I don’t think it’s that people are trying to spread false information about it, but rather I think it is that people don’t research B12 like you are doing now. Instead they hear something from a friend about it and then tell that information to someone else. It’s a game of telephone and before you know it there is information being passed around that is exaggerated. So let’s get back down to reality and take a look at what it actually does.
Where does B12 come from?

The fact is that most people – assuming they have a proper diet – get plenty of vitamin B12 from their food alone. It’s found in all sorts of foods; egg yolks, kidney, liver, fatty fish, and sardines. Notice there are no veggies in that list… this is because they do not produce B12. That means if you don’t eat meat, milk, or cheese, you need to be taking a supplement in order to get it. Vitamins produce it through a synthetic chemical process so they do not derive it from animals.

Why B12 for energy?
So we’ve already established that you probably get enough with a proper diet, so why would you take extra B12? Well there are a number of people whom have digestive systems which don’t process the B12 properly from their food. So even though they are getting enough their body is not able to use it. This results in deficiency. Symptoms of not getting enough include feeling lethargic, sleepy, and simply not enough energy for even simple daily living.

When your body isn’t processing the B12 properly, then physicians often administer B12 shots or they recommend the patient takes a vitamin supplement for it. Obviously it’s impossible to self diagnose, so if you suspect you have a deficiency you will want to chat with your doctor about it.

Who uses vitamin B12 energy?
Those diagnosed with a B12 deficiency use it. However there is also a large body of research that points to B12 possibly being beneficial in other situations, too. Many speculate that that having an extra boost of B12 (or a super B complex) may help with their energy levels. In fact, what is considered by many to be the best energy drink (Red Bull) contains double the recommended daily dosage of it. Many others use it too.

Professional athletes are also known for getting B12 shots from their doctors. There’s been a lot of amazing record broken the last decade or two… so does it help or not? Well as far as I know, the government has yet to do a conclusive study to verify this claim, so that’s a decision you and your doctor would need to make.

What Are The best energy supplements?
I get asked this question a lot and I don’t have an exact answer. Rather, I advise people to look for beneficial ingredients – like vitamin B12 – as well as super B complex and other ingredients which will help your body perform at its best.