Vitamin B12 Benefits

by admin

vitamin b12 benefitsAre you feeling tired, worn out, and don’t have much energy? Then there is a possibility you may have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

What Does It Do?
One of the primary vitamin B12 benefits is its crucial role in energy metabolism. It is a vital component in the creation of red blood cells. It’s been unofficially coined the “energy vitamin.” Doctors frequently administer injections of it to athletes as well as those who are not getting enough naturally. Although it won’t directly cause weight loss, because B12 is known to increase your energy and metabolism, many claim it may assist with the process. In turn, clinics for losing weight are known to frequently administer shots of it.

Who Needs It?
Normally the body stores an ample reserve of B12 in the liver, however babies and young children sometimes develop deficiencies because their bodies haven’t had time to stockpile the vitamin yet (but check with a pediatrician before giving any health supplements to a child). Senior citizens and those that have had certain types of digestive tract surgery are at above-average risk, too. Also those whom do not consume meat and dairy almost certainly need to buy supplements, because this substance is not found in plant-based foods.

Even if you do get enough through your diet, there is a possibility your body isn’t metabolizing it correctly. This is a common reason many people need to supplement. In fact, 10 to 30% of older adults are known to suffer from atrophic gastritis which decreases the absorption.

Supplement Options
For those that aren’t getting enough, there are many options available. Because there are potential digestive barriers which decrease absorption, Vitamin B12 injections are popular because they help bypass that, unfortunately those require doctor visits. You can also buy vitamin B12 in high doses to maximize absorption. Also, many prefer the new vitamin B12 patch which reportedly allows it to be absorbed directly.



I’m someone with a personal story about vitamin B12 benefits. You see I have been a strict vegetarian for twenty years now and a few months ago I decided to go vegan. When I ate dairy, I probably received an adequate amount of B12 in my diet alone. But once I stopped eating that, there was not a single natural source of it I was consuming. I was lucky to stumble upon some information about it by chance and of course I instantly realized why it was so important for me to take it in a supplement form.

Disclaimer: Obviously this is, and everything else on my blog, should be discussed with your doctor before you begin. I am in no way a healthcare professional whatsoever, so all of the content on here is just meant as a resource which you can use to prompt discussion with a physician. Please understand that according to the FDA, no vitamin or supplement should ever be used for treating, curing, or trying to prevent any medical condition or disease.

B12 Dosage
Of course this varies person by person and if you have certain conditions like diabetes or digestive issues then this may be different, but here are some typical daily recommended dosages:

Pregnant Females: 1.5 mcg
Lactating Mothers: 1.5 mcg
Normal Adults: 1.0 mcg
Young Children: 0.2 mcg

Again, these are only typical average dosages; others may say more or less is necessary. It largely depends on a person’s unique circumstances, including their diet and whether they suffer from any abnormalities which may inhibit absorption.

Warning: Read Before You Buy Supplements
Obviously the first thing you need to do is discuss with a doctor, but secondly, it’s important to be wise when you buy your vitamins and minerals. I use to think that a good ol’ one-a-day was all I needed, but I was shocked to learn what is and isn’t found when you compare the cheap ones to the premium specialty brands. Also on the note of once a day vitamins, this isn’t exactly possible to do because certain vitamins only stay in your blood stream a few hours. Therefore if you truly want ‘round the clock protection, you should be going with one that is designed to take two or three times per day. Yes, it’s more inconvenient but there’s no way around this. But don’t just double up or triple up on a normal “one-a-day” because then you will be taking way too much of things like iron, minerals, etc.

What Are High Energy Vitamins?
If you are sick and tired of being… well, tired… then you may want to look into energy supplements. They are usually a combination of B12 and other nutrients which have been known to benefit your body’s metabolism and energy production. The best energy vitamins use natural and proven ingredients.